Romanian florists are known for their imagination and their passionate for this work. Add to these respect and faithfulness to their clients and you have just described our team in Gura Humorului.
Our flower shop in Gura Humorului has flowers specially made for all the members of your family and all of your friends.
Lilies are very delicate, beautiful flowers which look good in any bouquet, but in order to have the expected impact it need the hands of OUR florists’ experts from Gura Humorului.
Our variety of floral products waits for you everyday from 9am-4.30pm in Gura Humorului.
We have an online shop where you can buy flowers and nice boxes of chocolate for your loved ones living in Gura Humorului.
We have in our flower shops in Gura Humorului delicate and fresh flowers which will definitely make the day of the ones you love.